AUS-US Cyber Dialogue 2022

Through a century of mateship, Australia and the United States have forged an enduring intelligence and security alliance extending now to the cyber domain. 

Since 2019, the AUS-US Cyber Dialogue has provided strategic direction to achieve full-spectrum and integrated cyber superiority through the combined development of cyber capabilities. 

In this year’s iteration of the Cyber Dialogue, senior leaders from the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Signals Directorate and U.S. Cyber Command discussed how to ensure collective advantage in cyberspace through integration across the areas of defensive cyber operations, capability development, training and exercises. 

This increased collaboration will strengthen our combined cyber forces to defend against, and when directed, respond to, a range of sophisticated malicious cyber actors who undermine stability and prosperity in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Even amidst the ongoing global pandemic and in the context of our changing strategic environments, our partnership continues to expand to preserve the future security and prosperity of our countries in all domains.