What we do

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is an Australian Government intelligence agency responsible for foreign signals intelligence and cyber security.

ASD collects and analyses electronic signals from communications systems, radio frequencies and electronic data transmissions. We defend Australia’s interests by mastering technology to inform, protect and disrupt.


We gather foreign signals intelligence through the covert acquisition of foreign information not publicly available. This includes intercepting and analysing communications related to issues of national interest, such as terrorism, the proliferation of weapons, organised crime, and cyber threats.

ASD employs intelligence analysts who analyse intercepted signals and communications to produce reports on various topics of interest to the Australian Government. They provide insights and recommendations based on their data analysis and collaborate with other intelligence agencies to contribute to the broader intelligence community's efforts.


By comprehensively understanding the cyber threat, we provide proactive advice and assistance to improve cyber posture and resilience risk management by government, businesses and the community.

We are able to help ensure the security of Australian Government networks, critical infrastructure, and sensitive business and individual information. We prevent and respond to cyber threats, assist government agencies and businesses strengthen their cyber security posture, and provide advice and guidance on best practices for securing information systems.

ASD has a long history of supporting Australian military operations, with the organisation’s heritage dating back to the Second World War. Today, ASD supports Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations around the globe, including by providing intelligence and offensive cyber capabilities to enable the warfighter and protect ADF personnel and assets. ASD also draws on its deep technical expertise to help the ADF stay ahead of technology advancements in the region, including the introduction of 5th generation weapons and cyber-warfare capabilities.

ASD helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of classified and sensitive information by providing guidance and support to government agencies in implementing appropriate security measures. This involves assessing vulnerabilities, developing security policies, conducting audits, and promoting awareness of information security practices.


We apply our offensive cyber capabilities offshore to support military operations, counter-terrorism, counter-cyber espionage and serious cyber-enabled crime.

In certain circumstances, ASD conducts offensive cyber operations to counter cyber threats targeting Australia's interests. These operations are carried out within the legal framework and authorisation of the Australian Government and defend Australian networks, gather intelligence, and deter potential adversaries.

ASD collaborates with intelligence agencies and partners from other countries, sharing information, expertise, and resources to enhance Australia's national security. This cooperation helps strengthen collective efforts in countering global threats and advancing intelligence capabilities.

A driven, diverse team

ASD operates in the slim area between the difficult and the impossible. We encourage our employees to push technology to its limits to find solutions to complex problems and uncover information that can ensure the safety and prosperity of Australians.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their continuing connections to land, sea and communities. We pay our respects to them, their cultures and their Elders; past, present and emerging. We also recognise Australia's First Peoples' enduring contribution to Australia's national security.

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