Transliterally - Alien Script Challenge

You are tracking an intergalactic criminal visiting Earth and need to report on the countries they have visited. You are aware that they have travelled to 14 different countries, but another investigator has discovered a travel document that lists 15 countries in the order they were visited in. The only issue – they are all listed in the most bizarre script you’ve ever laid eyes on!

From your previous investigations you know that the first country they visited was Albania (Country 1) and the second was Ireland (Country 2). All the other names of the countries in English are in the wrong order.

Figure out the English equivalent of each word to determine the correct order and uncover what the newly discovered country is.

  1. ⴔ ⴥ ⴟ ⴃ ⴋ
  1. Albania
  1. ⱴ ⴥ Ꜿ
  1. Ireland
  1. ⴟ ⴟ ꭅ Ლ
  1. New Zealand
  1. Ѧ Ც ⴋ
  1. India
  1. ⴟ Ⴔ ⴋ Ѯ Ⴎ Ӂ ⴋ
  1. Italy
  1.   ҉   ⴃ ⴋ
  1. Sri Lanka
  1. ⴟ שּׂ
  1. Niger
  1. ⴃ Წ ⴥ
  1. Finland
  1. Ѧ Ც ꬸ ⴋ
  1. Liberia
  1.   Ლ ꬸ Ꜿ ꝭ
  1. Barbados
  1.   ꞗ Თ Ѧ
  1. Kenya
  1.   Ⴒ Հ
  1. Libya
  1.   ⴔ ⴥ ԋ Ѧ ⴋ
  1. Brazil
  1.   Ѯ שּׂ Ꜿ
  1. Papua New Guinea
  1.   Ѱ Ꜿ
  1. ?

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Alien Script Country name
1 - ⴔ ⴥ ⴟ ⴃ ⴋ
2 - ⱴ ⴥ Ꜿ
3 - ⴟ ⴟ ꭅ Ლ
4 - Ѧ Ც ⴋ
5 - ⴟ Ⴔ ⴋ Ѯ Ⴎ Ӂ ⴋ
6 -   ҉   ⴃ ⴋ
7 - ⴟ שּׂ
8 - ⴃ Წ ⴥ
9 - Ѧ Ც ꬸ ⴋ
10 - Ლ ꬸ Ꜿ ꝭ
11 - ꞗ Თ Ѧ
12 - Ⴒ Հ
13 - ⴔ ⴥ ԋ Ѧ ⴋ
14 - Ѯ שּׂ Ꜿ
15 - Ѱ Ꜿ

Bonus Challenge
The alien script is actually a substitution cipher constructed specifically for this puzzle.
The country names were originally written in a real, human language spoken here on Earth.

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