Recruitment process

Image of a man with text "An exception career awaits, ASD"

The process for joining our organisation is a little different to most other employers and might take a little longer. This is because we make sure that you’re the right fit for us, and we’re the right fit for you. We’ve created this visual to help you know what you can expect and some indicative timings to help you plan. Depending on the role you are applying for and your circumstances, this process can take between three to 18 months.

Direct entry recruitment process

Direct entry recruitment process flowchart
Direct entry recruitment process flowchart

Graduate recruitment process

Graduate recruitment process flowchart
Graduate recruitment process flowchart

Candidate hub

We provide all our candidates with information to help them apply for and prepare for the recruitment process.

RecruitAbility scheme

RecruitAbility is a scheme which aims to attract and develop applicants with disability and also facilitate cultural changes in selection panels and agency recruitment.

Employment decisions

ASD values transparency and encourages all candidates to seek feedback if their application is unsuccessful. We also advise the outcome of recruitment activities here.

Note: We only provide feedback on the employment decision and not the organisational suitability or security clearance outcome.