The Badly Translated Email Challenge

Your team has been granted access to the email of a man who was apprehended as part of an international crime syndicate. When he was first brought in, a USB was found in the lining of his jacket.

After entering the following email into a translation program, some words were mistranslated into words that share a meaning with the original word, but are wrong in context. You have deduced that these words were specifically chosen as cover terms to confuse anyone who may intercept the message.

There are 18 different incorrectly translated words*. Each word is a singular WORD and not a phrase. The words are numbered by the order they first appear within the email.

*Some words appear multiple times and/or in different forms – treat these as the same word in its first appearance.

DATE: 14/09/2022
SUBJECT: Coffee catch-up

Hello Douglas,

I hope you are doing reservoir. I heard the weather is receiving cooler – hopefully you can finally wear your favourite jacket again soon. I know how much you hate the cold, but I recommend spending a day on the beach nonetheless.

I’m writing to you with good news, because progress has been inspiring forwards on our finish. Rodney has decided to cheer our cause, so we are ready to begin the next phase. We need to inspire as quickly as possible, so I am sending Kate to tournament you.

She is carrying a USB with an encryption code that you resolve need to access our system. You must tournament with her as soon as possible. Wear a red shirt, but construct sure to wear a sinister-coloured jacket over the top. Head to Delicotte as soon as it opens and command two lattes in faces. Sit intimate to the bathroom entrance. Kate resolve command a double shot hazelnut soy latte and area it on your table. She will branch the USB to the bottom of the face. As my mother always says, “you must see the ears of the wolf” through this process. Before you rush dwelling though, why not plaid out the nearby Picasso museum? Especially with Picasso’s birthday celebrations coming up in October, it would be very tailoring.

The USB is password-protected. For security reasons I cannot give you the password directly, so I have hidden it in this email. Please contact me through the soldier line if there is an emergency.


Challenge 1
List incorrect words 4, 7, 11, 14

To correctly solve this challenge, list the 4 incorrect words listed above. After you have listed the incorrect words, you will need to correctly identify the right translations for each word.

Words should be separated by spaces, include no capital letters and have no commas. For example: this is not the flag

Challenge 2
List the CORRECT translations for the following words: 2, 6, 8, 15, 10

To correctly solve this challenge, list the 4 correct translations for each word listed above.

Words should be separated by spaces, include no capital letters and have no commas. For example: this is not the flag

Challenge 3
Enter the 4-word password in original language.

You have now been tasked with discovering the hidden password within the email. The criminal has revealed that the password is the correct translation for words 12, 17, 9, 18. The password is in the same language that the email was originally written in.

To correctly solve this challenge, you will need to deduce what the original language is and then translate the correct translations into that language. Remember, correct translations are the words you have determined are more correct in the context of the sentence.

Words should be separated by spaces, include no capital letters and have no commas. For example: this is not the flag

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