We make a difference

  • We protect and enhance Australia’s national security
  • We provide our customers and partners with a critical edge
  • Our expertise and advice inform decisions of consequence
  • Our outputs are unique and deliver impact

We strive for excellence

  • We pursue, foster and celebrate talent
  • We are leaders in our fields
  • We are dedicated and enthusiastic
  • We are adaptable and resilient in response to change

We belong to a great team

  • We succeed by working as one ASD and through partnership
  • We are inclusive by default, valuing difference and diversity of thought
  • We respect and recognise each other’s inputs
  • We support and care about each other

We are audacious in concept

  • We operate in the slim area between the difficult and the impossible
  • We dare to be fearless
  • We engage with risk to exploit opportunities
  • We succeed through innovation and improvement

We are meticulous in execution

  • We maintain trust through transparency
  • We are accountable to the public through government for everything we do
  • We always act legally and ethically
  • We manage risk to protect Australia’s interests