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ASD's performance measures

ASD continues to mature its performance framework. The performance information outlined in this corporate plan replaces the information previously published in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2021–22. The new performance information outlined in this corporate plan will be used as the basis for ASD’s 2021–22 annual performance statements. The new performance measures better meet the guidance in section 16EA of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014.

Performance Measure 1

Performance measure 1, deliver strategic advantage to government

Performance Measure 2

Performance measure 2, Sigint support to military operations

Performance Measure 3

Performance measure 3, provide cyber security services to Australian audiences

Performance Measure 4

Performance measure 4, partnerships strengthen national security

Performance Measure 5

Performance measure 5, offensive cyber operations support military operations

Performance Measure 6

Performance measure 6, offensive cyber activities meet government requirements

Performance Measure 7

Performance measure 7, corporate services support mission outcomes