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Cooperation and partnerships

In a complex and evolving world, ASD cannot operate effectively alone. Strong partnerships underpin ASD’s ability to understand global threats, collect foreign signals intelligence, formulate and implement cyber security advice, and conduct offensive cyber operations in support of the Australian Government.

ASD has a long history of working effectively with its partners in the National Intelligence Community (NIC), Australian federal, state and local government entities, the Australian Defence Force, academia and industry. ASD collaborates across the private and public sector, providing advice and assistance to prevent and combat threats and minimise harm to Australians.

ASD has a long-standing, robust and meaningful ties with its Five-Eyes counterparts in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, as well as other international partnerships, including through the international network of Cyber Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).

In the period covered by this corporate plan, ASD will strengthen partnerships with its counterpart agencies, state, territory and federal government agencies, industry, academia, and think tanks to meet the Australian Government’s strategic objectives and operational needs. ASD will also continue to strengthen partnerships with all levels of government, critical infrastructure operators and Australian businesses to boost Australia’s whole-of-economy cyber defence capabilities.