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Eaglehawk SBX Enigma

Product type: Data Protection
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: EAL2+

Version: 4.2.4

Product Details

Product Description

Certification Country: AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND (2009)
Certificate Details: March 2009
Certification Method: CC
Crypt Evaluation: No, see consumer guide
Evaluation Facility: stratsec
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: Eaglehawk Limited

Eaglehawk Limited

Front Street PO Box 1913
Hamilton HM HX
Website: http://www.eaglehawk.com


John L Merity

Phone: +61 4 2526 1255
Email: johnmerity@eaglehawk.com


Consumer Guide
Security Target
Certification Report

SBX Enigma is server-resident information security software providing Need-To-Know protection through a Virtual Lockbox that safeguards an organization’s most valuable information assets. SBX grants System Architects complete discretion and control over what information gets protected and who can access it, thereby providing exceptional latitude in developing custom information security solutions. Core SBX Enigma functions include secure data storage, fine grained access control, and comprehensive audit capabilities, instantly available to Client Applications through the SBX Application Program Interface (API).

Regardless of data type or location, SBX Enigma enables an organization to protect high-value information assets, ranging from Enterprise data repositories, to SOA services, to discrete data components such as Personally Identifiable or other information that requires Need-To-Know controls. SBX functions are highly configurable and enable an organization to address its specific information security requirements in a manner best suited to its unique environment. SBX Enigma readily integrates with and strengthens existing applications and security frameworks, and provides a direct path to address such issues as securely sharing information between organizations and Need-To-Know protection of high-value data.

SBX Enigma is a highly scalable, in-memory, objectoriented information management system that includes advanced security features related to role-based user administration, metadata and data functions, element-level access control based on least privilege, and centralized audit.