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Secure SQL Server

Product type: Trusted Database Management Systems
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: B1

Version: 11.0.6

Product Details

Product Description

Certificate Details: 7 January 1997
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: Sybase Inc


Tom Parenty

Phone: +1 510 922 3182

The Sybase Secure SQL Server is a security enhanced version of the Sybase SQL Server.

The evaluated configuration is one or more instantiations of the Secure SQL Server with zero or more instantiations of the SQL Server, Version 11.0.6, running on the base operating system.

The Secure SQL Server includes security mechanisms for user identification and authentication, configurable auditing, discretionary access control (DAC), groups, and roles; as well as integrity features such as triggers, stored procedures, and declarative and procedural referential integrity.

These products provide security within the database application itself. Trusted DBMSs are evaluated in conjunction with specific operating systems platforms (not as add-on products). The evaluation rating is valid only for the evaluated configuration.