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MLS LAN Secure Network Server System

Product type: Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: TCSEC A1-MI The following product has been evaluated by the US National Computer Security Centre against the Trusted Network Interpretation of the TCSEC.

Product Details

Product Description

Certification Country: UNITED STATES
Certificate Details: Evaluated
Certification Method: TCSEC
Evaluation Facility: US National Computer Security Centre
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: Boeing Aerospace

Boeing Aerospace

PO Box 3999
Seattle Washington 98124-2499 United States


Boeing Aerospace (Dealer)

Phone: +1 206 773 0628
Fax: +1 206 773 1015

The MLS LAN Secure Network Server System (SNSS)is a network component which can support simultaneous transmission of digital data and analog video within a local area. SNSS comprises multiple Secure Network Servers (SNSs) connected by a transmission medium (e.g., Ethernet) and provides communications between attached devices (hosts, terminals etc.) operating at different sensitivity levels. Terminals are attached to an SNS terminal device interface card which performs user identification and authentication, access control and audit functions. A terminal user may connect to hosts on the network according to mandatory and discretionary access control. SNSS uses a distributed approach to network management.