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Interactive Link Multiple Computer Switch V3.3

Product type: Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: E6

Version: 3.3.0 (FID004) and 1.2.0 (FID104)

Product Details

Product Description

Certification Country: AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND (2000)
Certificate Details: 2000/11, March 2000
Certification Method: ITSEC
Crypt Evaluation: Not Required
Evaluation Facility: Admiral
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: BAE Systems

BAE Systems

Website: http://www.baesystems.com


BAE Systems Australia - Cross Domain Solutions
Taranaki Road
Edinburgh Park South Australia 5111 AU
Email: au.ilsupport@baesystems.com
Website: http://www.baesystems.com/


Certification Report - Certification Extension Report - Aug 2006
Certification Report - Certification Extension Report - Oct 2009
Security Target
Consumer Guide
Certification Report

The Interactive Link Multiple Computer Switch permits a user to access information from two computers of differing security classification from a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. 

The Interactive Link Multiple Computer Switch is a hardware product that works in conjunction with untrusted Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computers and software. The security objective of the Interactive Link Multiple Computer Switch is to keep the information on the high side computer confidential from the low side computer. The computers may operate standalone or be resident on networks of different security classifications. This product can also provide multi-level security services when used in conjunction with the Data Diode Device.

Ace Modifications

Certificate Extension Report, V4.0, August 2006
IL-MCS (FID004*) Version 2.0 Release 2.0.3
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.0 Release 3.0.0
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.1 Release 3.1.0
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.1 Release 3.1.1
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.1 Release 3.1.3
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.0 Release 1.0.0
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.1 Release 1.1.0
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.1 Release 1.1.1
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.1 Release 1.1.3
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.1 Release 3.1.5
VETO MCX (FID204) Version 1.0 Release 1.0.0 (Withdrawn Oct 09)
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.1 Release 1.1.5
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 3.1 Release 3.1.6
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.1 Release 1.1.6
VETO MCX (FID204) Version 1.0 Release 1.0.1 (Withdrawn Oct 09)
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.1 Release 3.1.7
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.1 Release 1.1.7
VETO MCX (FID204) Version 1.0 Release 1.0.2 (Withdrawn Oct 09)
Certificate Extension Report, V1.0, October 2009
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.2 Release 3.2.0
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.2 Release 3.2.1
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.2 Release 3.2.2
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.2 Release 3.2.3
IL-MCS (FID004) Version 3.3 Release 3.3.0
IL-MCS (FID104) Version 1.2 Release 1.2.0

* Part Number

For further information on the scope of ACE for this product please refer to the Certification Extension Reports or contact the AISEP at [email protected]