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Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC)

Product type: Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: EAL2+ PP Compliance: U.S. Government Protection Profile Intrusion Detection System Analyzer for Basic Robustness Environments, Version 1.3, dated July 25, 2007.

Version: Cisco NAC Appliance Versions 4.7.1, NAC Profiler Collector Release 2.1.8-37, NAC Agent version 4.7.1, NAC Appliance Profiler Release 2.1.8-37, Cisco Secure ACS for Windows Server version Previously Version: Cisco NAC Appliance Versions 4.5.1, NAC Profiler Collector Release 2.1.8-37, NAC Agent version 4.5.1, NAC Appliance Profiler Release 2.1.8- 37, Cisco Secure ACS for Windows Server version
Components: Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) solution including the NAC Appliance, NAC Network Module for Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs), NAC Agent, NAC Profiler, and Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)

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Certification Country: AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND (2009)
Certification Method: CC
Crypt Evaluation: Not Required
Evaluation Facility: CSC
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: Cisco Systems


Cisco Systems Inc
Global Certifications

Phone: + 1 410 309 4862
Email: certteam@cisco.com
Website: http://www.cisco.com

Senior Systems Engineering Manager
Tony Hall
Sales / Channels

Phone: +61 2 6216 0647
Mobile: +61 401 890577
Email: anthhall@cisco.com


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Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) is a solution that enables the network infrastructure to enforce security policies on all devices seeking to access network computing resources. NAC helps ensure that all hosts comply with the latest corporate security policies, such as antivirus, security software, and operating system patches, prior to obtaining normal network access. Vulnerable and non-compliant hosts will be isolated (quarantined) or given limited access until they reach compliance. In addition, Cisco NAC has the ability to perform user authentication at the network level so that only devices with proper user credentials are permitted network access.