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Nokia IPSO 3.5 and 3.5.1

Product type: Operating System Products
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: EAL4

Product Details

Product Description

Certification Country: UNITED KINGDOM
Certificate Details: P191
Certification Method: CC
Crypt Evaluation: Completed
Evaluation Facility: Logica
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: Nokia Enterprise Solutions


Matthew Brazier

Phone: +612 9429 9652
Mobile: +61 408 433 182
Fax: +612 9429 9752
Email: matthew.brazier@nokia.com
Website: http://asia.nokia.com/A4183142


Security Target
Certification Report

IPSO is Nokia's secure appliance operating system that runs on Nokia's IP network security appliances. Derived from FreeBSD, IPSO has evolved into a highly reliable, scalable, easily managed OS for running security critical applications on Nokia platforms. A secure web-based element manager, Voyager, allows administrators to configure and maintain the security appliance. Security applications currently supported include Check Point VPN-1 and FireWall-1. Software is delivered pre-loaded on the Nokia platform.