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VeriSign Processing Center V3.0

Product type: PKI Products
Product Status: Archived
Assurance Level: EAL4

Version: 3.0

Product Details

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Certification Country: AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND (2001)
Certificate Details: 2001/17, March 2001
Certification Method: CC
Crypt Evaluation: Not Required
Evaluation Facility: Admiral
Manufacturer/Vendor/Distributor: VeriSign Inc.

VeriSign Inc.

1350 Charleston Road
Mountain View CA 94043 United States


VeriSign Australia Limited
Phone: +613 9674 5500
Fax: +613 9674 5574
Email: enquiries@esign.com.au
Website: http://www.verisign.com.au/


Certification Report - International
Certification Report - Australian

Processing Center is a distributed and scalable PKI platform that provides the full range of Certification Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA) operations, from certificate issuance and management, to renewal and revocation.  Processing Center provides an organisation with all of the front-end capabilities needed to perform subscriber enrollment and authentication, digital certificate issuance, directory hosting, customer support, billing integration, and report generation from within their facilities. 

Processing Center enables an organization to issue and manage certificates that use 1024-bit encryption keys, and that integrate with all major Web browsers, email clients, IPSEC clients, and other applications that support X.509 certificates.  The organization can configure these fully X.509 compliant certificates to meet their own security needs, and to maintain complete control over who receives them.

Processing Center also allows an organization to issue and manage Web server certificates that use 128-bit encryption to protect data sent between Web servers.  These certificates can also identify users accessing Web server.

In addition to standard CA and RA functions of PKI security, Processing Center enables an organization to establish its own PKI data center to deliver the full complement of digital certificate lifecycle services to other organizations (including certificate transaction processing, security and operations management).  Processing Center includes VeriSign's PKI platform, installation, training, and regular updates.

Processing Center supports major industry standards such as S/MIME and SSL to integrate with all major platforms and Web browsers.  It combines a Web-based GUI, extensive monitoring and reporting tools and comprehensive online help to make it possible to provide and manage a wide range of outsource PKI services.