Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing offers organisations potential benefits including cost savings and improved business outcomes. However, there are a variety of information security risks that need to be carefully considered.

Cloud Computing Security for Tenants

This document is designed to assist a tenant organisation’s cyber security team, cloud architects and business representatives to work together to perform a risk assessment and use cloud services securely.

Cloud Computing Security for Cloud Service Providers

This document is designed to assist assessors validating a cloud service's security posture. This document can also be used by Cloud Service Providers that want to offer secure cloud services.

ASD Certified Cloud Services

ASD has completed an IRAP assessment of these outsourced cloud computing services and granted them ASD Certification.

Cloud Computing Security Considerations

This discussion paper is largely superseded by newer guidance available on this web page.  Nevertheless, some readers might find its conversational format useful to start a discussion with stakeholders in their organisation and with Cloud Service Providers.


Australian government customers with questions regarding this advice should contact ASD Advice and Assistance.

Australian businesses and other private sector organisations seeking further information should contact CERT Australia.