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Australia’s national security environment is complex, challenging and ever-evolving. Rapidly advancing technologies present great opportunities to improve our lives, yet also pose serious threats when used against us. ASD is committed to growing its workforce, ensuring that we have the right people, technology, tools and communications available to deliver our mission from multiple locations.

Explore our resources for candidate advice on how to prepare for a career at ASD, the skills framework behind our career opportunities, and a range of puzzles and challenges. 

Candidate information

We provide all our candidates with information to help them apply for and prepare for the recruitment process.

Cyber Skills Framework

ASD’s Cyber Skills Framework defines the roles, capabilities and skills proficiencies that are essential to our mission.

Puzzles and challenges

Cracking codes and solving puzzles is a large part of the work that we do. If you love problem-solving and enjoy a good puzzle, you can test your skills with these challenges designed by our own ASD specialists.