Information security (InfoSec) role

Cyber and information security is a top national security priority for Australia. Cyber intrusions on government, critical infrastructure and other information networks are a real threat to Australia’s national security and national interests.

The internet is where the world now conducts its business. Almost every part of society depends on electronic systems and information stored electronically. The internet has become an essential tool for all government officials. It helps all levels of government in Australia to deliver services and conduct business flexibly and efficiently. Online has become the primary means of interaction.

Australia’s reliance on information and communications technology also makes us vulnerable to cyber intrusions that could disrupt the business of government. This reliance means that the security of electronic information is increasingly important.

To counter the threat, Australia needs to develop a strong information security capability. The effectiveness of Australia’s cyber and information security rests on laws, policy, organisation, education and awareness, as much as it does on technology. The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has a vital role to play in Australia’s cyber and information security. It is the Commonwealth authority for information security.

ASD provides the Australian Government with: