DSD Advice on Apple Release of iOS 6

Download DSD Broadcast: DSD Advice on Apple Release of iOS 6 (PDF), 20 September 2012


On 19 September 2012, Apple announced the official release of iOS 6. As is usual practice, iOS 5 will no longer be available for download as a result.


DSD is currently evaluating iOS 6. In the interim, DSD advises the following:

  • Upgrade to iOS 6. DSD acknowledges that iOS 6 is still in evaluation. However, this version provides notable security enhancements. In particular, iOS 6 addresses a known vulnerability in Apple Mail's use of Data Protection on email attachments, which is unlikely to be retrospectively applied to iOS 5. This is consistent with DSD's advice to patch operating system vulnerabilities as communicated in the Australian Government Information Security Manual and Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions.
  • Implement the current iOS Hardening Configuration Guide for iOS 6. The existing guide is applicable to iOS 6. DSD will release an updated guide for iOS 6 as soon as possible. The updated guide will contain additions in response to new features, rather than wholesale changes to the existing advice.

Further information


Australian government customers with questions regarding this advice should contact ASD Advice and Assistance.

Australian businesses and other private sector organisations seeking further information should contact CERT Australia.