Recommendation for DSD evaluation

Australian and New Zealand government agencies are able to submit a letter of recommendation for an evaluation to DSD.

Step 1: Submit your evaluation request

Submit your evaluation request to DSD using this letter of recommendation for evaluation template (DOC). Product vendors should engage Australian or New Zealand government agencies for evaluation recommendations.

The letter of recommendation for evaluation serves three main purposes:

  1. It provides a letter of recommendation for DSD's record and tracking purposes.
  2. It enables DSD to communicate with the recommending government agency during the evaluation.
  3. It provides DSD with details on how the product is intended to be used so that DSD can ensure the scope of evaluation is appropriate for the product's intended use.

Product vendors are not limited to one letter of recommendation per evaluation as additional recommendations can increase evaluation priority.

Step 2: Communication between DSD, the recommending agency and product vendor

DSD establishes contact with the recommending government agency and the product vendor to understand the evaluation aims. This step is essential to ensure all stakeholders are engaged and informed of the expectations and timeframes involved in an evaluation.

The letter of recommendation for evaluation is not:

  1. an instant acceptance that the product will undergo DSD evaluation
  2. a contract or commitment by the agency – a recommendation can be withdrawn at any time by notifying DSD
  3. a financial commitment to purchase the product.

If you would like further clarification or guidance, please contact DSD. DSD will assist recommending government agencies who need clarification on how to answer the questions. DSD will also assist product developers in understanding the evaluation process and requirements.